Improved application user interface.
Improved Bidirectional Audio Streaming with Profile T
Improved external IP camera connection over RTMP client
Support for external IP camera connection over HTTP MJPEG
New RTP multicast options now can use the multicast address and port on all ONVIF IP camera.
Fixed some other issues

Improved IP Camera RTSP client options
Support IP Camera RTMP client options
Improved ONVIF IP Camera alarm out options
Improved audio/video encoding and decoding
Extreme fast run ONVIF IP Cameras and channel (With less system resources work stable and reliable operation)
Other bug fixes

Implement stream handler close event/signal
Automatic reconnect and disconnect stream support
Compatible passed with ONVIF device test tool V19.12
Improved Bidirectional Audio Streaming - Audioback channel
Implement backchannel for AAC audio and RTSP over HTTP mode

Update system file
Improved Log and debug function
Other small bug fixes
Thanks for using ITVDesk.

Compatible passed with ONVIF device test tool V19.06
Improve audio play function
Optimize rtsp replay function
Optimize audio capture function
Other bug fixes

Improve ONVIF IP camera interfaces.
Improve ONVIF IP camera event interface.
Implement ONVIF media2 service.
Other bug fixes

Compatible passed with ONVIF device test tool V18.12
Finish test and optimize ITVDesk RTSP CLIENT function.
Implement and Support Web Service.
Other bug fixes