Supported web camera options for NVR / DVR,
Supported stereo and mono sound management,
Added advanced stream options for individual NVR / DVR devices or VMS applications.
Fixed some other issues.

ITVDesk stream options

Newly supported video coding: H.265, MP4, MJPEG,
Newly supported audio coding: G.711A, G.726 or AAC,
Enabled to control the sound parameters (kHz, kbp/s),
Improved UI interface,
An additional protected RTSP protocol.
Fixed some other issues.

itvdesk 1.20

Improved management,
Improved audio stream,
Streaming video from your computer's microphone and desktop,
Enabled Onvif audio back.

Enabled for HeroSpeed VMS and XVR video recorders,
Optimized operation on HikVision NVR and DVR,
More stable work of RTSP protocol,
Fixed some other issues.

Supported Onvif media service OSD interface via DVR / NVR,
Improved onvif media service,
Added ITV Desk Online Device Discovery,
Fixed some other issues.

We launch the HelpDesk service to help new users set up their NVR / VMS software to work with ITVDesk Solution. We offer connectivity and remote configuration through the TeamViewer application. To request free help, please contact our HelpDesk by email or authorized distributor.

Added app protection,
Added an automated application hiding option at startup,
Added auto launch option,
Audio option G.711U,
Added a trial period of 7 days,
New graphical interface,
Fixed some other issues.