Newly supported video stream resolution: 3Mpx and 5Mpx.
Newly supported audio coding: G722, OPUS (G.711A, G.726, AAC).
An extended identification number system has been added.
Optimized ONVIF discovery port builder.
Enabled compatibility with the ONVIF version 17.12
Fixed observed shortcomings.
Optimized RTSP and ONVIF protocol, faster work.
Optimized code structure, main files are smaller.

Supported web camera options for NVR / DVR,
Supported stereo and mono sound management,
Added advanced stream options for individual NVR / DVR devices or VMS applications.
Fixed some other issues.

ITVDesk stream options

Newly supported video coding: H.265, MP4, MJPEG,
Newly supported audio coding: G.711A, G.726 or AAC,
Enabled to control the sound parameters (kHz, kbp/s),
Improved UI interface,
An additional protected RTSP protocol.
Fixed some other issues.

itvdesk 1.20

Improved management,
Improved audio stream,
Streaming video from your computer's microphone and desktop,
Enabled Onvif audio back.

Enabled for HeroSpeed VMS and XVR video recorders,
Optimized operation on HikVision NVR and DVR,
More stable work of RTSP protocol,
Fixed some other issues.