Improve system stability.
Optimize memory processing in service RTSP/ONVIF.
Add support for multicast streaming
Add support for support metadata configuration IP Camera interface
 example: rtsp://
 &t = type of transfer
 &p = udp or tcp
 &ve = video encoding
 &w = video widht
 &h = video hight
 &ae = audio encoding

Fix some other issues.

ITV Desk more secure with new options Invisible mode (Ctrl+I).
Invisible mode now can use with StartUp Hidden mode.
Option for control Prevent Windows sleep mode.
Option for control ScreenSavers mode.
Code optimization.

itv desk chat

ITV Desk Online Chat – a new simple way to connect with us and get questions answered.
Just click to start chatting with us!

Support for mutiple monitor
Add on/off authentication function (multiple devices supported)
Add RTSP API suport
Fixed some other issues
Optimize RTSP CLIENT function
Optimization code

itvdesk authentication onvif to nvr

multimonitor itvdesk onvif to NVR eng

Added language selection option: Croatian or English
Added additional streaming configuration options:
- Coding interval
- GOV length
- RTSP Session timeout
Improved UI
ompatible with all ONVIF PROFILE:
Compatible with ONVIF Profile S
Compatible with ONVIF Profile G
Compatible with ONVIF Profile T
Compatible with ONVIF Profile C
Compatible with ONVIF Profile A
Compatible with ONVIF Profile Q

Supported 4K Video Stream Resolution
Updated verification system.
Increased UI security and new features.
Full compatibility with ONVIF version 18.11.
x64 and x86 version of the app.
Optimized code structure.
The application runs twice as fast.

Newly supported video stream resolution: 3Mpx and 5Mpx.
Newly supported audio coding: G722, OPUS (G.711A, G.726, AAC).
An extended identification number system has been added.
Optimized ONVIF discovery port builder.
Enabled compatibility with the ONVIF version 17.12
Fixed observed shortcomings.
Optimized RTSP and ONVIF protocol, faster work.
Optimized code structure, main files are smaller.