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ITVStreamer Features

 ITVStreamer is a complete Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) streaming server application, these streams can be received/played by a standards-compliant RTSP/RTP media client. ITVStreamer RTSP is an application-level network communication system that transfers real-time data from multimedia to an endpoint device by communicating directly with the server streaming the data.

itvstreamer server

Streaming media Computer Desktop, WebCam, Audio Only, From File (mp4, mp3, jpg...), External Media RTSP, RTMP, HTTP
Striming protocol RTSP/RTP  
RTSP/RTP support RTP over TCP/UDP,  RTP multicast, RTSP over HTTP, RTSP over HTTPS, RTSP over Websocket, Audio back channel, Audio/Video playback,
RTSP video coding
H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG
RTSP audio coding G711, AAC, G726
Native Stremaing support
Audio Back channel (Bidirectional audio support)
Automatically reports online and disconnect from the network
Support mix multichannel and multi streamer options
Manage streaming parameters over metatags
Support Streams MainStream, SubStream, ThirdStream, FourthStream, CostomStream
RTSP authentication Digest and Basic  
Support RTSP ReStreaming
OSD menu camera support
Video rotation support
Support ONVIF audio and video playback
Audio device mix support
Connect a video stream to any audio stream
Video filtering  Sharp, Black/White, Blur, Deinterlace
Automatic transcoding video and audio Trancode, Tranmuxing, Transrating 
Support ONVIF audio/video playback function
Multi-threaded processing, less resource usage
Support RTP multicast function(the same rtsp url sessions use the same multicast address and port)
Support RTSP over HTTP/HTTPS function
Support External media, include rtsp,rtmp and http mjpeg stream


Stream PC monitor (1, 2 or more monitors)
Stream Web camera (1, 2 or more web camera)
Stream from Folder (1, 2 or more *.mp4, *.flv file, mp4, jpeg)
Stream audio PC (1, 2 or more audio)
Audio mixing with any media source (desktop + microphone...)
Connecting to another IP camera
rtsp, http jpeg, rtmp,
rtmps, rtmpt, rtmpe, rtmpfp, rtmpts, rtmpte
Convert 3th party RTSP, RTMP, HTTP JMPEG streams to RTSP Server
Total number of medias (desktops + webcams + external streams + From FIle + External IP Kamera)
256 (16IPC*16CH)


Supported video resolution
Automatic and Manual
Complete setup video stream setting: fps, bitrate, video encoding, session time, GOV, Profile, I-frame ...
Complete setup audio stream adjustment: simple rate, bitrate, audio encoding, session time, mono / stereo ...
Rotate all media sources (Desktop, Webcam, From file, External IP cam, Audio only)
None, R90, L90, FlipH, FlipV
Automatic transcoding (Trancode, Tranmuxing, Transrating)


Print a keystroke on a video stream. Retrieving computer key presses on the OSD
Show time and date
Show channel name
Adjusting OSD text
Top Left-Right, Down Left-Right
Adjust the color and size of the OSD text


Hidden application mode
Automatic start with computer
Password protect the application
Launch the application in the background
Turn off computer and monitor sleep
Remove an application from the program list
Advance video and audio striming test
Installation without Internet
Use Advanced Encryption Standard for protect user data

Compatible with any RTSP Player/NVR/VMS which supports RTSP standard.

Multiple Screen Live (monitors) supported
ITVStreamer can captures and streams multiple computer desktops simultaneously.

Multiple Video Device (webcams) supported
ITVStreamer supports all connected webcams on local computer. It allows one to connect many webcams to the same ITVDesk and stream them simultaneously.

Multiple Audio (Microphone) supported
Any Microphone which available in the system could be configured to use with any Video input. There is also an option to configure Windows Default Microphone for using. ITVStreamer produces audio feed along with video. Audio is provided in G.711 (PCMU), AAC, G726 encoding formats

Multiple From File supported
Any *.mp4 or *.flv video file, *.mp3 audio and *.jpeg image can be stream over ITVStreamer Server

Mutiple External IP Camera connection
ITVStreamer support connected with external IP camera and transcoding, transmuxing, trasrating stream to new RTSP Server.

All media source have rotation supported
ITVStreamer can automatically rotate output video stream. There are several rotation modes:
   - Disable – Not changes on putput.
Auto - In this mode ITVStreamer will transform Portrait oriented screens to Landscape oriented video stream.
R180. Rotate output stream by 180 degree to the left.
   - FlipH. Flip the output stream horizontally.
   - FlipV. Flip the output stream vertically.

Bidirectional - Audio-Back channel
Bidirectional audio in ITVStreamer with surveillance system. We use it in ITVStreamer app, allowing a send sound on computer over RTSP client to converse back and forth saves time, resources and money.

OSD One Screen Display settings
- ITVStreamer have implement KeyStroke module and have powerful algorithm can record in video stream everything that is typed on the keyboard, including passwords, regardless of the application used (Skype, Facebook, AOL, AIM, GTalk, etc.).
   - Advance overlay video with name ch, time and date, mouse, costom text Top/Down left and right.

H265 video encoding support
ITVStreamer supports hardware accelerated High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H265), it’s a more efficient encoding standard. In comparison to h.264, MP4 or MJPEG, HEVC offers ~60% better data compression at the same level of video quality. With this codec video could be streamed with lowest possible bit rate while maintaining a high image quality level.

Key features of ITVStreamer :
   - Support for various audio and video files.
   - Automatic transcoding.
   - Support for streaming video from webcam, active screen, from file, external IP camera, external media servers.
   - Support for streaming video streams H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG
   - Support for streaming G711, G726, AAC audio stream
   - Support for configuring audio and video output parameters
   - Support for connecting to external media source, include rtsp, rtmp and http mjpeg stream
   - Supports bidirectional sound flow
   - RTSP support via HTTP/HTTPS
   - Support RTSP push function ( RTMP to RTSP, RTSP to RTSP, HTTP mjpeg to RTSP )
   - Support RTP multicast function on all IP cameras
   - Support RTP over UDP, RTP over TCP.
   - Supports ONVIF audio / video playback function
   - Auto discovery over the network.
   - Manage camera parameters directly from metadata.
   - Multi-threaded processing, less resource usage.
   - Secured RTSP streaming.
   - KeyStroke keyboard.
   - FPS adjustable.
   - Clock and Date overlay.
   - Test mode.

Direct use and select video stream over RTSP:
Sometimes you might need to access it from various locations, such as a different computer or a handheld device, ITVDesk, that can help you achieve quick and efficient results.
Play mainStream from IPCamera ipc1, ipc2, ipc3... is number of created IP Camera:
   - Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/screenlive (play MainStream with media source Desktop 0)
   - Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive
   - Camera 3: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc3-stream1/screenlive

Play MainStream, SubStream, ThirdStream, FourthStream, CustomStream from IP Camera 1
   - Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/screenlive (play MainStream with media source screenlive)
   - Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream2/screenlive
   - Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream3/screenlive
   - Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream4/screenlive
   - Camera 1: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream5/screenlive

If your system have multiple monitors, mutiple webcamera etc... you can use rtsp://yourip:port/screenliveN , the N to specify the monitor, webcamera, audio index, start from 0, suchas:
Play computer ScreenLive N0, N1, N2 and webcamera N0 from IP Camera
   - Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive
   - Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive1
   - Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream1/screenlive2
   - Camera 2: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc2-stream2/videodevice (webcamera - SubStream)

Direct use and setup video stream over Metadata:
   - Camera 1:
FromFile:     rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/File1_media.mp4&t=unicast&ve=H265&p=udp&w=1280&h=1080&ae=G726
   - Camera 1:
ScreenLive: rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/screenlive/ve=H265&p=udp&w=640&h=480

   &t = type of transfer (unicast or multicast)
   &p = udp or tcp
   &ve = video encoding (H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG)
   &w = video widht
   &h = video hight
   &ae = audio encoding (G711, G726, AAC)

UI part of ITVStreamer can be protected by password and hide in background (Ctrl+Alt+S).