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People Counting with ITVDesk AI-Powered Software

ITVDesk Object Counting with Our AI-Powered Software

In the world of modern video surveillance, the ability to accurately and anonymously count objects is invaluable. Our software, leveraging artificial intelligence technology, seamlessly integrates with existing CCTV cameras to provide this functionality with over 98% accuracy (depending on camera positioning and angle of view). Here’s how it works and where it’s used.

person countingHow It Works

Camera Integration:
- Use overhead CCTV or IP cameras to track objects and people's movements.
- Connect your camera to our ITVDesk software, which processes the video feed to detect entries, exits, queues, and waiting times.

Detection and Analysis:
- Our software precisely identifies and counts various objects as they move through the monitored area. Supported objects include:
- **People**
- **Vehicles**: car, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, train, truck, boat, airplane
- **Animals**: cat, dog, bird, horse, sheep, cow, elephant, bear, zebra, giraffe
- **Items**: handbag, suitcase, sports ball, bottle, wine glass, cup, knife, bowl, banana, apple, orange, book, broccoli, carrot, pizza, cake
- It provides key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales conversion rates, dwell times, crowd density, movement speed, and staff-to-visitor ratios.

Data Transmission:
- The processed data is securely transmitted and can be accessed via web browsers.
- Various communication methods are supported, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Wi-Fi, LAN, or via the ONVIF protocol.


Retail Stores:
- Track customer entry and exit points to understand peak hours and improve staff allocation.
- Analyze dwell times and sales conversion rates to optimize store layouts and marketing strategies.

Public Transportation Hubs:
- Monitor passenger flow to enhance service scheduling and reduce congestion.
- Provide passengers with real-time occupancy levels via apps, improving their travel experience.

Event Venues:
- Manage crowd control by monitoring queue lengths and waiting times.
- Ensure compliance with safety regulations by tracking occupancy levels.

- Optimize space utilization by understanding how different areas are used throughout the day.
- Improve visitor management by tracking and analyzing visitor patterns.

Urban and Traffic Management:
- Monitor and manage traffic flow by tracking vehicles and optimizing traffic light timings.
- Ensure safety by identifying and responding to potential hazards on the roads.


Accuracy and Anonymity:
- Achieve over 98% accuracy in object counting while ensuring anonymity, protecting individuals' privacy (depending on camera positioning and angle of view).

Real-Time Insights:
- Access real-time data to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
- Use insights from dwell times and queue statistics to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

By using our AI-powered software, businesses and organizations can gain valuable insights into object and foot traffic and optimize their operations for better efficiency and customer service. This innovative solution transforms existing surveillance infrastructure into a powerful tool for data-driven decision-making.