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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITVDesk?

ITVDesk Software solution for computer surveillance. ITVDesk transforms any computer into ONVIF IP camera, streaming computer screen, webcam and other media into your video surveillance system.

System requirements for Install ITVDesk

ITVDesk runs on most all operating systems based on - Windows, MacOx, Linux with medium performance and minimal 150Mb hard disk space.

What is ONVIF camera in ITVDesk?

ONVIF is a global and open industry forum with the goal of facilitating the development and use of a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products. ONVIF creates a standard for how IP products within video surveillance and other physical security areas can communicate with each other.

How to Stream Desktop as Webcam Video to NVR?

1. Install ITVDesk
2. Add new IP Camera and select media source Desktop and Webcam source.
3. Select the type of streaming. rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/screenlive0 and rtsp://yourip:port/ipc1-stream1/videodevice0
  You can broadcast the entire contents of your desktop or webcam, Enjoy!

Does ONVIF use RTSP?

The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is used to establish and control media sessions between two or more endpoints. The ITVDesk uses ONVIF Profile S and T and RTSP to handle requests for video from an ONVIF client, and to stream video from an ITVDesk installation to the ONVIF client.

Linux AppImage and ITVdesk?

ITVDesk for linux uses the AppImage portable application format which allows users to run ITVDesk on rolling (e.g. Arch, openSUSE Tumbleweed...) and stable (e.g. Ubuntu LTS, CentOS...) Linux distributions very easily, without the need for installation or worry of dependencies. ITVDesk AppImage bundles all the files needed for it to run (e.g. libraries, translations, icons, fonts) that may not already be present on a user's system. To run an ITVDesk.AppImage, simply: Make it executable $ chmod a+x ITVDesk*.AppImage and run! $ ./ITVDesk*.AppImage

ITVDesk Software License?

ITVDesk software uses PC-based, hardware-tied licenses. A license must be activated via the Internet, or manual/offline activation must be performed. Once the license is activated, it is tied to the PC hardware. User may use the same license after reinstalling ITVDesk or Windows; however, User must purchase a new license to use the software on a new PC or request a license transfer to another PC. Three kinds of licenses are available: One-Time Purchase, with unlimited period and no watermark. Software updates are free during the all period of a License. One-Year Subscription, with One-Year period and no watermark. Software updates are free during the all period of a License. Trial, with watermark on the video feed and a 15-day demo period starting from the activation date. The user may request as many trial licenses as necessary for use on different PCs on the user's network.

ITVDesk Hadware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a method of speeding up computer processing by shifting work to a computer part that can do the job faster. Hardware acceleration for ITVDesk generally refers to using your GPU graphics card for better performance.


The key of RTSP over HTTP is to allow RTSP packets to communicate via HTTP port. We know that the standard port of RTSP is 554, but due to various security policy configurations such as firewalls, there may be restrictions when the client accesses port 554, which prevents the normal transmission of RTSP packets. But the HTTP port (port 80) is generally open, so there is the idea of letting RTSP packets pass through port 80, namely RTSP over HTTP.

Does the ITVDesk support onvif and RTSP metadata streaming ?

Yes, the ITVDesk support metadata streaming.

How to get the updated version of the OEM ITVDesk app?

We provide OEM version update service, version update service for one year