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onvif desktor itvdesk ip camera

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onvif desktor itvdesk ip camera stream

stream itvdesk

Password protected ITV Desk app

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ITVDesk allows you to shoot in real-time in high definition, picture and sound (+microphone) on your computer's display on a video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). Each terminal with the Microsoft Windows operating system can be equipped with a solved ITVDesk application. The ITVDesk is ideal for controlling POS cash registers, casinos, education, healthcare, banking, control terminals, or even controlling workforce staff.

The ITVDesk Solution can capture everything that the camera-focused security camera can not. The ITVDesk consumes very little resources and can work completely hidden and protected from the computer user. The automation starts at Windows startup and connects with NVR or DVR video recorder.

Connect with DVR/NVR:

Connect with VMS: (HeroSpeed):


  • Compatible with any video recorder and monitoring center that supports the ONVIF standard.
    (Fully compatible with: ONVIF Profile T, ONVIF Profile S, ONVIF Profile G, ONVIF Profile C, ONVIF Profile Q.)
  • Video and audio surveillance of your computer - Audio monitoring is performed with a combination of microphone and primary audio channel on your computer.
  • Control parameters directly from a DVR / NVR video recorder or in the ITV Desk application itself.
  • Automatic detection of ITV Desk applications over the network.
  •  Supported web camera options for stream to NVR / DVR,
  • Implemented Onvif audio back, if the monitoring center or NVR supports audio back, it is possible to send audio to the NVR and the computer.
  •  2 Stream profiles (An application is delivered with 2 profiles for each video channel - Main Stream and Sub Stream; NVR can create own profile if needed).
    MainStream is a high quality video for archiving, SubStream video of lower quality that is used for remote control over mobile devices.
  • ITV Desk supports video encoding format: H.264, H.265, MP4 or MJPEG.
  • Supported audio encoding formats: G711u-law, G711a-law, G726, 722, AAC, OPTUS
  • Possibility to control audio channel (quality and type of codec).
  • Allows you to adjust through ITV Desk: Resolution, Frame Rate, BitRate, Port, ONVIF Port, RTSP Port ...
  • Manipulation of video resolution up to 4K = 8Mpx
    (640x480, 1280x720p, 1920x1080p).
  • Possibility of communication RTSP via TCP or UDP protocol.
  •  Secured ONVIF communication
  •  Secured RTSP streaming
  •  RTSP over HTTP
  • Automate application launching in the background of computers and automation to establish a connection to a video recorder or a monitoring center.
  • The ability to set a password to protect the unauthorized use of the application.
  •  ITV Desk allows for managing all of the OnVif parameters directly from VMS/NVR or over ITV Desk Ul:

    itvdesk en settings

It can stream: H265, H264, MP4, MJPEG video stream and G711u-law, G711a-law, G726, 722, AAC, OPTUS audio stream.